LLI Spotlight:  Lifelong Learning at Wofford (Spartanburg, S.C.), Morgan Jordan, Director

By Peter Spiers

Lifelong Learning at Wofford was founded in 2015 by Charlie Gray, a graduate of Wofford and for many years the college’s director of alumni and parents associations.  The organization attracted 180 students in its first term; at the end of Lifelong Learning’s first year of operation Gray retired and Morgan Jordan was hired as Director.  Since then membership has grown to 400.  Members pay an annual fee of $50 which covers catalog mailing costs, participation in all Roundtable Discussion (on topics ranging from politics and culture to history and the local community), and participation in one-time events and workshops.  Eight-week classes cost an additional $40 per class.  Lifelong Learning is part of the college’s Advancement Office but a volunteer advisory committee, composed of instructors, members, and faculty liaison, works “in the interest of the program to develop course material, promote and market the program in the community, and strategically grow the program with members and support.”  Other volunteers serve as class liaisons.  They’re typically enrolled in the class but volunteer to come early and assist the instructor with tasks such as classroom and audio-visual setup, and making coffee.  Two-thirds of Lifelong Learning’s members are from Spartanburg, a city that boasts affordable housing, professional theater, and a philharmonic orchestra.  People have moved there from all over the country, attracted to Spartanburg’s small town feel.