LLI Spotlight: Cate O’Hara, Program Director, OLLI, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

By Peter Spiers

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Cincinnati was founded in 1990, offering fewer than 20 courses to 130 founding members that year; twenty-five years later, 1,700 learners chose from 400 courses. The OLLI is just one of the ways host University of Cincinnati OLLI supports community learning. The OLLI’s sister organization—Communiversity—offers learning programs to Cincinnatians of all ages, with an abundance of vocational programs in test preparation, job skills, and certificate programs for professional development, as well as a wide range of courses for hobbyists and more. Cate O’Hara has served as the OLLI’s Program Director since January, 2013.