LLI Spotlight:  Marilyn Schorin, President, Veritas Society, Bellarmine University, Louisville, Ky.

By Peter Spiers

The Veritas Society at Bellarmine University was founded in 1995 by a group of Bellarmine alumni who wanted to bring the lifelong learning experience into their community.  They approached the university about the idea and found a receptive ear — Bellarmine strongly supported continuing education for people 55 and older.  Today Veritas has 400 members and reaches well beyond Bellarmine into the broader Louisville community and is non-denominational despite the university’s status as a Catholic institution.  Members pay dues of $40 per six-week semester ($20 for the shorter summer term) and $10 for each class they take.  Privileges of membership include on-campus parking, access to the library and the gym, and a weekly lunch and learn program featuring speakers from Louisville’s civic as well as academic communities.  Marilyn Schorin works as a corporate consultant and her role as president is a volunteer one, supported by two half-time administrative staff in the Bellarmine School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  Oversight at Veritas is provided by a Board of Directors with a president, vice president, secretary and representatives from standing committees that include Curriculum, Field Trips, Special Events, Volunteers, Lunch and Learn, Finance and Newsletter.