LLI Spotlight:  Linda Shook, Director, OLLI at Auburn

By Peter Spiers

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Auburn University began as the Auburn University Academy for Lifelong Learning (AUall) in 1990.  Founder Mary Burkhart, who worked in continuing education at Auburn, guided growth from an initial membership of 30 people to 200 in 2007.  That year the organization received its initial Osher Foundation grant, became an OLLI, and hired Linda Shook as its first full-time, paid employee.  OLLI at Auburn now boasts more than 900 members at three separate campuses — Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, and at the Chambers County Library in nearby Valley, Alabama.  An annual fee of $25 entitles members to audit Auburn University courses, access books and online resources from the University’s library system, ride university shuttle buses and register for OLLI courses.  Course fees — for as many courses as you want — are $115 per semester, or $200 for the entire year, and summer courses are free.  In addition to Linda, full-time staff includes OLLI Coordinator Barbara Daron and, for the fall semester, an intern paid by the university assigned to OLLI to undertake a comprehensive membership survey to better understand the learning needs and interests of retiring Baby Boomers. OLLI at Auburn also hires Auburn University students as AV Assistants to coordinate technology during OLLI classes, which is a great way to create interaction with Auburn students and OLLI students.