LLI Spotlight:  Amy Diamond, Executive Director, DavidsonLearns, Davidson, NC

By Peter Spiers

DavidsonLearns in Davidson, N.C., finished its fourth year of operation this spring. Amy Diamond has been the organization’s executive director from the beginning, when she was asked to take the position by a group of Davidson citizens who had been meeting to discuss the idea of forming a Lifelong Learning institute. Davidson is also the home of an outstanding, small liberal arts institution, Davidson College (known to NBA fans as where Golden State Warrior Steph Curry played college basketball). Amy initially approached the college to explore an affiliation but was told by college officials that learning in retirement wasn’t at the time a high priority, nor was there classroom space available.

Amy and the citizen group instead formed a 501(3)(c) and, in the fall of 2012, launched DavidsonLearns with a slate of three classes. Amy recalls great trepidation in the weeks leading up to the launch; she had posted flyers all over town but had the normal anxiety that no one would come to the party. When the first class met, she was gratified to see only five familiar faces in a room of 25 people, and knew at that moment that her outreach efforts had worked and that Davidson was home to a real community of lifelong learners.