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 Subject : Lifelong Learning Institute Conferences.. 08/15/2016 03:56:52 PM 
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This article is the sixth in a series of analyses of data from Road Scholar’s second bi-annual survey of Lifelong Learning Institute executive directors or other top administrators.

Conferences Attendance in Last 12 Months
Respondents were asked this question: “Have you or other representatives from you LLI attended a regional or national LLI conference in the last 12 months? If so, please use the space below to say which conference(s) you attended.”

Just under half of respondents — 46.1 percent — answered that they had not attended an LLI conference in the last 12 months. 21.3 percent said they attended only the Osher National Conference, 14.6 percent said they attended a regional conference, 14.6 percent said they attended both the Osher National Conference and a regional conference, and 3.4 percent answered that they attended other conferences at least in part about lifelong learning or learning in retirement. See attachment for full article.

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