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 Subject : Re:Scheduling.. 10/25/2017 12:46:54 PM 
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Hi Nancy,
I'm interested in the answer as we are wondering that as well. Here at Keene State, we have a common lunch time and all classes are over at 3:15. We could schedule our guest speakers at those times, and sometimes do, but don't get great attendance because people enjoy the groups they eat lunch with and since many of our members take a full day of classes, they're tired by 3:15. What we have been doing is planning these events outside of our regular semester. We also open them to non-members as a way to build our enrollment. I look forward to hearing from others!
Heather Jasmin
Program Coordinator
Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning, Keene State College
 Subject : Scheduling.. 10/02/2017 02:42:51 PM 
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Hi! This is Nancy Nordstrom, Chair of the Curriculum Committee at the Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) in Nashua, NH. We are trying to develop special learning activities outside the classroom, such as Brown Bag Lunches, field trips, etc.

The problem is there are only so many hours in the day - all taken up with classroom learning. Holding a Brown Bag Lunch with a guest speaker, for instance, while 2 or 3 other classes are also taking place, has caused some problems.

How do other programs work around this issue? Do you keep one slot open, say once a week, for these type of events? Or do your members decide for themselves which event they want to attend? We would appreciate any and all thoughts and comments about how this problem is handled in your program.

Please send responses directly to me at [email protected]

Thank you so much!
Nancy Nordstrom - Chair, Curriculum Committee
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