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 Subject : Speaker Info THEODORE ROOSEVELT: AMERICAN PRESIDENT/ GLOBAL LEADER... 08/24/2018 03:49:03 PM 
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Curriculum: An educational- leadership program THEODORE ROOSEVELT: AMERICAN PRESIDENT/ GLOBAL LEADER. For further information contact:
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Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth President of the United States, is often considered the first “modern president”. More than any other national leader or individual American, he is responsible for America’s rise to world leadership status. Conservationist, soldier, statesman, scholar, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Medal of Honor recipient, he remains one of America’s best models of presidential, global, and executive leadership. Visionary, crisis manager, charismatic communicator, strategic thinker, negotiator and decision maker, he was the most distinguished and accomplished transformational leader of his age. As we examine and evaluate our presidents and other national and global leaders, it will be helpful to see how they compare with TR. He is the model of presidential and global leadership for modern times. Join our discussion, be part of the process, and make a difference in 2018-2019!

Instructor: David S. Rader, ([email protected],) teaches for academia, business, government, and the military. He served in the United States Air Force from 1967-1971. He has taught as an adjunct instructor at numerous colleges and universities (forty years) in several disciplines (History, Political Science, International Studies, International Business). He has taught in the United States and abroad and has worked in the securities, real estate, high tech, and defense industries. He also offers public service lectures on national and global issues.

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